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East Hants is home to the world’s highest tides, creating a playground like no other on the planet. 

All over East Hants there are outdoor places to play including parks, playgrounds, trails, skateparks, splashpads and water access points. Exploring is a great adventure for the whole family.

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Walton Lighthouse Trail

Walton Lighthouse Trail

Walton Lighthouse Trail

Constructed in 1873, the Walton lighthouse is one of the few lighthouses in which you are able to climb the stairs and access the lantern room. As a popular tourist spot one can enjoy the breathtaking landscape and enjoy the tides.

Located at 119 Lorne Smith Road off the Highway 215 in Walton, one can enjoy the picturesque park complete with washroom facilities, gazebo, picnic area, and walking trail!

Directions to Walton Lighthouse

Nine Mile River Trail

Nine Mile River Trail in East Hants

Nine Mile River Trail

Located off Old Enfield Road in Nine Mile River and developed by a volunteer group in partnership with the Municipality of East Hants and the Province of Nova Scotia; the Nine Mile River trail wanders through a variety of forest types and terrain using a combination of developed trail and boardwalks.

At approximately 10 kilometres in total, this multi-use trail offers hours of outdoor adventures. Take in the foliage and enjoy the views of the various trail loops.

Note: Horses not permitted on trail.

Directions to Nine Mile River Trail

Garden Meadows Trail

Garden Meadows Trail

Garden Meadows Trail System

The subdivision of Garden Meadows in Belnan is home to the Garden Meadows Trail System. Still in the early stages of development the ever expanding trail offers residents and opportunity to explore their neighborhood while getting to enjoy the outdoors! 

Directions to Garden Meadows




Milford Rec Trail

Milford Trail

Milford Recreation Trail

Milford Rec Trail is located at 288 Highway 2 in Milford.

The 2.2 km trail is an easy walk through scenic woods. Maintained by the Milford Recreation Association, the trail can be enjoyed all year round!

Directions to Milford Recreation Trails





McInnis Trail

McInnis Trail

MacInnis Trail

Located in the Village of Shubenacadie, this 2.2 km loop provides pedestrians not only beautiful scenery but a sense of tranquility.

Directions to MacInnis Trail





Rex McCoul Park

Rex McCoul Park Trail

Rex McCoul Park Trail

Rex McCoul Park is an urban walking trail. Located on Highway 2 in Shubenacadie this quaint park is great for an outdoor stroll  or picnic in any season.

Directions to Rex McCoul Park





Uniacke Estate Museum Park


Uniacke Estate Trail, Mount Uniacke

Along the peaceful shores of Lake Martha, at 758 Highway 1 in Mount Uniacke is the Uniacke Estate Park. Built almost 200 years ago by then Attorney General Richard John Uniacke the elegant country estate now a provincial museum is a beautiful heritage site to visit!

Eight interpretive nature trails will help you explore the sprawling 930-hectare estate with its rich natural heritage, historic archeological sites, and splendid forests and vistas.

The over 18 km of trails contain 6 loops ranging from moderate to challenging and will definitely provide hours of refreshing outdoor activity.

Directions to Uniacke Estate Museum Park


Bell Park, Mount Uniacke

Bell Park, Mount Uniacke

Bell Park Trail

Bell Park is a historic 55 acre nature park located on Hwy 1 in Mount Uniacke with more than 2 km of signed trails.

The series of walking trails provides an easy hike for pedestrians and pets through a mix of spruce, pine, and various hardwoods. Offering views of West Lake, look offs, and picnic area, Bell Park is definitely a great outdoor destination.

Directions to Bell Park



Lions Den Enfield

Dot Buchanan Park, Enfield

Dot Buchanan Park

Dot Buchanan Park Trail is operated by the Enfield, Elmsdale & District Lions Club the trail is accompanied with a playground, baseball diamond, soccer fields, volleyball court, and an indoor facility.  At approximately 1.7 km this wooded trail offers different loops to explore. Designated as an easy trail walk it boasts fun for individuals of all ages.

Directions to Dot Buchanan Park

McKeen Walkway

McKeen Walkway

McKeen Walkway

The McKeen walkway connects Bakery Lane and Boyd Ave via the Municipal water line easement across the lands of Marie and Leah McKeen, and made available for public use.

The walkway is provided for walkers and non-motorized vehicle use only. Dogs must be on a leash and picked up after.

Directions to McKeen Walkway



Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park Walkway

A 350 metre walkway along the river at Sherwood Drive in Enfield.

Directions to Sherwood Park Walkway



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