East Hants Women in Business – Jade Weston

March 8, 2023

When asked if she had any advice for women growing or building their businesses, Jade Weston said, “Believe you can, and find the experts.”

Jade Weston, owner of The Soulstead

Jade Weston, owner of The Soulstead, opened her farm market in the community of Noel in Summer 2022 with high-quality home goods, soaps, fresh produce, and sauces. The Soulstead’s mission is to bring new ideas and energy into the region and support women spending time in nature. The Soulstead creates an experience for both locals and visitors with a market, vegetable gardens and a camping cabin, where women are encouraged to try camping alone in a safe and supported way.

Building business and resiliency

One of the most significant challenges of Jade’s career so far was setting up her business as the right entity and navigating business regulations. Through this process, Jade shared that learning when to outsource is important. She feels that your time and attention as a business owner are critical. Figuring out what projects and tasks to spend your time on while still having a work-life balance is a learning curve.

As Jade’s one-year anniversary on the farm approaches, she is busy working on her goal of offering farm stays and camping cabin accommodations, which she hopes to launch later in 2023. Jade balances her career, personal life, and passions by having clear boundaries and asking for help when faced with challenges. She shared that “when you wholeheartedly love what you’re doing, giving up isn’t an option and so you have to adapt, you become resilient, pivoting and finding new ways when it doesn’t work the first time.”

Mentoring and supporting each other

Jade shared that her determination, innovative thinking and passion for nature were passed down from her grandfather, who was an inspiring role model for her. Over the years, Jade watched him grow multiple businesses from the ground up and transform his personal property into amazing gardens. Jade ensures that The Soulstead also focuses on community and the importance of collaboration as opposed to competition. Jade shared her view that “there is room for all of us and when we work together, we can make an even greater impact.”