Why Choose East Hants ?

East Hants is one of the fastest growing communities in Nova Scotia, located just 30 minutes outside Halifax. 

East Hants helps businesses achieve success through a connected location and access to a highly skilled workforce. Because with the right location and talent, your business can succeed. 

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Connected Location

Fast and easy access to Nova Scotia and beyond

In East Hants, you have access to one of the best-connected locations in Atlantic Canada. East Hants is directly located along Nova Scotia’s major Highways 101 and 102, only 30 minutes from the City of Halifax, and is a key part of the Halifax-Moncton Corridor. With some of the best access to domestic and international markets, businesses in East Hants can easily access over 470,000 consumers within a one-hour drive.

“Clayton Developments Limited has identified East Hants as an ideal community for investment. With its close proximity to Halifax, the international airport and an abundance of amenities, it is well positioned for residential and commercial growth.”

Jason Brunt, President, Clayton Developments Limited

Cost Advantage

Fuel your business’ success

East Hants provides competitive commercial development and workforce costs. Significant cost savings will benefit your business and allow your dollars to go further.

  • East Hants business park real estate is on average 70% lower than the nearby Halifax market (2022)
  • East Hants average business park lot sale price is $1.75/sq ft (2022)
  • We help you identify Provincial and Federal incentives to grow your business
  • We minimize red tape and work to find solutions for you

People and Growth

East Hants is young and growing

The best is yet to come. East Hants is home to one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in Atlantic Canada, providing businesses with access to a productive and highly skilled workforce. Our proximity to population centres like Halifax and Truro allows you to draw on the largest workforce in the region within a short commute.

  • Over 27% of East Hants population in under the age of 25 (2021)
  • Second-highest population growth next to Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia (2021)
  • Population of East Hants and Sipekne’katik First Nation is over 25,000 with a +18% growth in the last 20 years (2021)
  • Direct access to Nova Scotia’s talent pipeline with 10 Universities and 13 Community College Campuses within a one-hour drive
  • Highly skilled workforce with over 50% of East Hants residents having a degree or diploma beyond high school (2021)

Quality of Life

Welcoming, supportive and authentic

East Hants provides a renowned quality of life where people get to enjoy the perfect blend of rural and urban lifestyles. You can live a fulfilling lifestyle, raise a family, build a business and succeed at it all here.

  • Nearly 50% of East Hants commuters spend less than 30 minutes travelling to work
  • The median household income is nearly $85,000 (2020)
  • The average price of a home is $303,000 (2021)

East Hants helps companies grow by providing a connected location, cost advantage, and the people, growth, and quality of life business is looking for.

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