Artist Quentin Syliboy & East Hants to create Mi’kmaw Art Installations

June 6, 2024

The Municipality of East Hants is proud to announce the official kick-off event for a meaningful project by local artist Quentin Syliboy. Funded through the Canada Council for the Arts, Syliboy will embark on creating a series of murals depicting Mi’kmaw stories to be prominently displayed within the Municipality of East Hants.

“This project is deeply important to me, both culturally and personally. Knowing that Indigenous art will be displayed in areas of high visibility for years to come, representing and educating both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike, fills my heart with awe,” says Syliboy. “Reconciliation is more than just a buzzword – it requires action, representation and education. These pieces will represent hope for a brighter future, one where communities are working together to grow and move forward. I’m truly honoured the Municipality of East Hants was eager to partner with me and work towards that future.”

Elder Bernie Syliboy will commence the event with an opening prayer and ceremonial smudging. Following the welcoming remarks and opening prayer, attendees will have the chance to engage with Quentin Syliboy as he works in real-time on one of the pieces in the collection.

Summary of the Project:

“We are very grateful to collaborate with Quentin on such a significant and important project for our community,” said Warden Eleanor Roulston. “These murals will not only beautify our spaces but serve as educational tools to promote understanding and appreciation for indigenous art and culture.”

The purpose of the project is to educate the public on indigenous art and culture through hand-painted murals, accompanied by written explanations of each piece’s story.