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Active Planning

East Hants Council may direct staff to undertake planning-related projects and studies to assist in the future planning and development of the Municipality. These projects could be secondary planning strategies, housing studies, or any other project that will assist with the growth and development of our community. 

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In the case of the Mount Uniacke Secondary Planning Strategy, the study will assist the community by identifying large areas of underutilized land that would benefit from increased densification. The Secondary Plan also establishes a detailed planning framework, land uses, identifies transportation improvements and considers issues surrounding on-site services such as potable water and wastewater disposal.

The goal of the Secondary Plan is to ensure that new development will promote and support high-quality design, and establish an appropriate mix of new land uses and new development. It also reinforces the need for a healthy, vibrant, complete, and sustainable community. The Secondary Plan’s objectives are to build on the positive community aspects and to identify areas and methods of densification without hurting the current community character.

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The municipal housing strategy is intended to better understand the housing trends and needs in a municipality.

Municipalities have control over a number of areas beyond zoning that can influence the supply and cost of housing. The housing strategy would highlight those areas and the actions we are proposing to take.