Burntcoat Head Park

Make memories in East Hants at Burntcoat Head Park, home of the world’s highest recorded tides.

Nature comes alive with water levels reaching 16 meters higher at peak tide compared to low tide… Flowing freshwater rivers boast tide pools where you can find hermit crabs and snails.

Ideas for your day at Burntcoat Head Park:

  • Take a guided tour that allows you to explore the ocean floor and learn about the Fundy phenomenon and its natural treasures (tours are available from May-October) Pack a picnic and spend the day walking, exploring and enjoying the beach
  • Make time for photographing the perfect sunrise and sunset
  • Visit the replica Lighthouse and learn more about this special place in East Hants
  • Find shells and interesting rocks along your path and view local fossils
  • Beach running, jogging or a family walk