Aquatics & Recreation Health & Safety Measures

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Department is offering modified recreation programs and services.

Please make yourself familiar with the measures in place to ensure the Health and Safety of our participants and visitors of our facilities and programming.

Physical Distancing

  • All recreation programs and aquatic facility operations will operate according to provincial public health measures.
  • Group activities offered will allow for physical distancing.
  • Group sizes will not exceed the max gathering limited set out by provincial public health measures.
  • The use of medical or non-medical masks is not required where physical distancing is maintained.  However, participants and facility visitors may choose to wear a mask.
  • Those with compromised immune systems or under lying medical conditions including those who may have contact with you are encouraged to consult their health provider prior to attending the facility or programs.

Personal Hygiene & Protection

  • Frequent hand washing or sanitizing will be reinforced and monitored by all facility visitors, program participants and staff.
  • All visitors, participants and staff will be reminded to cough and sneeze with a tissue.  If tissues are unavailable to cough or sneeze into elbow.
  • All visitors, participants and staff are encouraged not to touch their mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Equipment/supplies will be cleaned/sanitized before and after use and between use by different cohorts.
  • Aquatic Centre visitors are encouraged to arrive in their bathing suit to limit time spent in the change rooms.


  • Do not attend facility or program if you feel ill prior to.
  • If a visitor or program participant becomes ill during while attending the facility or program, the ill person will be isolated from others and notify appropriate contacts to pick them up.
  • If visitor or program participant requires close contact and care, staff will continue care until pick up is available.