East Hants Aquatic Centre: Program Updates starting October 13th, 2020

The latest gathering limits set by the Province of Nova Scotia have allowed the East Hants Aquatic Centre to increase the capacity of pool programs. With this positive step forward, staff have revised limits to allow more users to enjoy the facility, with a maintained focus on health and safety for everyone. Two exciting updates with this increase include the return of Open Swims, as well as the use of our Spa/Hot Tub.

Please note: If you are interested in any of the activities below, you are strongly encouraged to book space online to guarantee your spot. While drop-ins are permitted, the gathering limits will be followed and any spots not filled through online booking will be first come, first served.


After an extensive review, we are excited to announce the following changes to our aquatic services effective October 13th:

Open Swims will allow up to 50 people. Please note, depending on which pools and features are in use, the occupancy limits will vary:

  • Open Swim (Leisure Pool)
    This swim will be limited to only the leisure pool. Limit: 25 people
  • Open Swim (Both Pools)
    This swim will be open for both leisure pool and/or lap pool. Limit: 50 people
  • Open Swim (Both Pools + Climbing Wall/Diving Board)
    Open Swim for both leisure pool and/or lap pool that has the climbing wall open and/or Diving Board. Limit: 50 people
  • Open Swim (Both Pools + Waterslide)
    Open Swim for both leisure pool and/or lap pool that has the water slide open. Limit: 50 people

Lane Swims – Starting October 13th, these will have a capacity of three (3) people per lane.
Speed signs will be on deck for each lane. All swimmers are required to swim in counter clockwise circle swimming direction. This will be enforced by the lifeguards.

Spa (Hot Tub) – Starting October 13th, the Spa will be also available during lane & open swims, and will not exceed an occupancy of 10 people. It is advised that you spend no longer than 15 minutes in the Spa.

Aqua fitness – Starting October 13th, Shallow and Zumba Aquafit classes will be increasing to 30 people. Gentle Function Fitness will be increasing to 10 people.

Pod Swims – Starting October 13th we will no longer offer Pod Swims. People may now book swims through the open swim option.

Birthday Parties
 – Unfortunately, we are still unable to offer birthday parties. Due to the social distancing requirements allowed in community rooms and restrictions on food sharing, this service will not available until future direction by the Province of Nova Scotia.

Rates & Membership – All rates will remain at $5.00 per person and online booking is strongly encouraged. Our team has been reviewing options for membership. More information will come available in November.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Covid-19 Protocols
Masks are to be worn by parents and anyone on pool deck not in programs (unless child is under 2 or there are underlying medical concerns).

  • If you are spectating and not swimming, please find a social distance space identified in red tape along the pool deck.
  • We recommend you wear your swimsuit to the facility to limit changing or showering unless necessary.
  • We recommend only one guardian per participant.
  • If your child is feeling ill, they are not permitted to attend their program. Call 811 for directions.
  • If you are feeling ill but your child is not sick, they can still attend their program if someone else brings them.
  • All personal belongings must remain in lockers (includes towels).

COVID-19 Information