Protecting Public Water Supply from Contamination

Backflow Prevention (BFP) devices are required to be installed on all service connections that are deemed by the East Hants Water Utility to present a potential risk of contamination to the public drinking water supply. This has been part of Municipal Service System General Specifications since 1999.


The following types of services require a Backflow Prevention Device;

  • Industrial, commercial, institutional properties
  • Residential buildings larger than four units
  • Sprinkler service lines


As of June 1, 2016 the Municipality of East Hants’ building permit application clearly identifies the requirement for Backflow Prevention devices on all applicable new construction.  A retrofit phase will commence in Fall 2016, requiring relevant customers to install a BFP device to all existing premises that come under the criteria above. Proof of Annual testing is now required for all BFP devices.


This auditing of BFP installations is part of the Operating Approval requirement of the East Hants Water Utility to provide safe drinking water to customers, as issued by Nova Scotia Environment.  It is also a part of the Municipality’s multi-barrier approach to water quality management and supports “Sustainability” as one of its Key Strategic goals.


BFP devices can only be tested by those holding a valid East Hants license. For a list of approved testers please visit:


Requirements for BFP devices are referenced in the Municipality of East Hants, Municipal Services Systems General Specification and Schedule D – East Hants Water Utility Schedule of Rules and regulations.


UPDATE – Based on information received from the business community the retrofit phase will not begin in Fall 2016.  At this time, those businesses existing prior to June 1, 2016 will not be audited.


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Jesse Hulsman, P.Eng

Director of Infrastructure & Operations

Municipality of East Hants