(ELMSDALE, NS) June 23, 2016 A recent scientific study commissioned by the Municipality of East Hants identifies updated highrisk floodplain lines. The Municipality has received industry guidance that these updates are not used in the determination of insurance availability but more importantly are drawn to ensure the safety of residents and first responders.


“Municipally drawn floodplain lines have no impact on the insurability of properties as they are not a source of information used by insurance companies to determine insurability,” says John Woodford, Director of Planning and Development. “Insurers use many other sources of information, including their own technical data and the “experience of flooding in the given area that carry more weight in the decision making process.”


Edmund Nix, Senior Account Executive for Bell & Grant Insurance offers further insight into the industry by explaining, there is no “one size fits all’ approach as the insurance industry is a competitive one and there are differences from one property insurer to another.


“It is important to understand that insurance is a National and Global financial services industry often challenged by losses occurring far away from Nova Scotia,” says Nix. “Premiums and water related coverages in Canada have undergone significant changes in the past 24-36 months given the flooding events in Calgary and Toronto and historically, full flood insurance has not even been commercially available for homeowners, but this is now starting to change.”


In terms of obtaining a mortgage, experts have also indicated to the Municipality that rates depend on the insurability and value of the property not the probability of flooding.


A public hearing to consider the new planning documents and changes to zoning has been set for July 12th at 7:00 pm at the Lloyd E Matheson Centre, 15 Commerce Court, Elmsdale.




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For more information on insurability, please contact your insurance provider or the following insurance industry links:

WWW.IBANS.COM – Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia

WWW.IBC.CA – Insurance Bureau of Canada




Questions & Answers (Q&A’s)

Plan East Hants 2016

Was it necessary to update and improve floodplain mapping in East Hants?

Yes. The Municipality received several comments over the past decade indicating that our High Risk Floodplain and Moderate Risk Floodplain zoning was inaccurate. As a result we engaged CBCL consultants to review the floodplain mapping on which the zoning is based.

Is the CBCL floodplain Study credible?

Yes. This new floodplain mapping was created using the best available information including Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) imaging. The study also considered the impact of climate change and was further validated by interviewing long-time residents who have knowledge of previous flooding events.

I live in the floodplain zone, can I still get insurance and a mortgage?

Yes. The floodplain zoning does not prevent homeowners from obtaining a mortgage or insurance.

I still have concerns and questions, will I have another opportunity to voice my opinion?

Yes. A public hearing to consider the new planning documents and changes to zoning has been set for July 12th at 7:00pm at the Lloyd E Matheson Centre, 15 Commerce Court, Elmsdale. You can also direct your concerns directly to John Woodford, Director of Planning & Development (902-883-7098 ext.120 or ).

Where can I find more information?

Our website is a great resource and we invite you to visit us online and review the following documents: