PLN23-003 2 Old Horne Settlement Road, Enfield


3313013 Nova Scotia Limited


Application to substantially amend an existing development agreement. The purpose of the application is to change the type of buffering fence required by the development agreement.

Subject Property

The property is located at 2 Old Horne Settlement Road, Enfield. The size of the property is 2,015 m2 and there is an existing development agreement on the property which permitted the development of the mixed-use residential and commercial building. Parking for the building is located in the rear yard.

Neighbouring zones include the Village Core (VC) Zone and the Highway Commercial (HC) Zone to the southwest. The subject property is currently split zoned Village Core (VC) and Highway Commercial (HC). As part of the Plan Update, the property is proposed to be completely zoned Village Core (VC) Zone.


Section 2.4 of the original development agreement required that an opaque wooden fence be constructed along the western property line.

2.4          For the purpose of creating a buffer and mitigating any land use conflicts between the subject property and adjacent properties, the Developer shall erect an opaque wooden fence with a height no less than 2.4 metres, along the western property boundary adjacent to the residential lot.

Instead of constructing an opaque wooden fence, the Developer has constructed a chain link fence with slats. This fence style is not in compliance with the original development agreement or the Village Core Form-Based Zone Requirements. The Developer is requesting that the original development agreement be substantially amended to permit the chain link fence to be maintained. Please see the report below for an image of the existing fence.

Reports and Documents

Initial Staff Report – May 2023


For further information, please contact Debbie Uloth, Project Planner, 902-883-6128,


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