PLN22-009 Renfrew Road, Enfield


M&M Developments Ltd.


Mapping amendment request to the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw to redesignate and rezone a property located on Renfrew Road, Enfield.

Subject Property

The subject property (PID 45371069) is located off Renfrew Road, Enfield. It also includes an un-maintained section of Renfrew Road, adjacent to the main property. This section of the application site is a provincial un-maintained K-Class Road.

The application site is designated and zoned as Rural Use (RU). Other zoning in the area is identified on the map below and includes Rural Use (RU); Established Residential Neighbourhood (R1); and Agricultural Reserve (AR).


The purpose of this application is to amend the Generalized Future Land Use Map (GFLUM) and the Land Use Bylaw Map to change the designation and zone from Rural Use (RU) to Country Residential (CR), which will permit single detached dwellings.

The un-maintained K-Class Road does meet the definition of a ‘Public Street or Highway’ in the East Hants Subdivision Bylaw.  This means that the property identified as PID 45371069 cannot be subdivided off of this section of Renfrew Road.  The upgrading of the un-maintained road to a public street standard is not permitted in the Rural Use (RU) Zone.  The land and section of un-maintained road needs to be redesignated and rezoned to enable a low-density subdivision. The concept plan shown contains 16 new lots for residential subdivision.  This plan is concept only and the detailed layout, including open space and lot creation will be submitted with a subdivision application.

Reports and Documents

Level I Groundwater Assessment

Concept Plan

Public Information Meeting Presentation – March 2023


For further information, please contact Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning, 902-883-6122, 


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