Outcomes of the August 25th 2016 Smart Valley Meeting

(August 26th) Event Recap and Thank-You to Participants from i-Valley:

Read the full report:  Smart Valley Meeting Outcomes Report [PDF – 1.25MB]

At “Creating Prosperity Through Smart Annapolis Valley Communities,”  the keynote by Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson was called “inspiring” and “brilliant” by our fellow leaders.   Here are some of the future steps that were unanimously agreed upon:

  • Mission to Stratford: All Mayors eagerly embraced Dan’s invitation to send a Smart Valley a mission to Stratford, to see how that city uses e-medicine, autonomous vehicle testing, smart infrastructure and digital education, to create the “unintended consequences” that come from constant re-invention. The Annapolis Valley delegation will consist of elected officials, EDOs, CAOs and CIOs.  At the moment, the mission is being planned for the November time-frame.
  • Pledged: All Annapolis Valley communities will work together to become Smart Communities by 2018;
  •  Petition to Premier McNeil: asking that the Annapolis Valley be the first region in Nova Scotia to be developed as a Smart Region; and
  • Speed Test: All communities agree to help engage with residents and businesses to run a CIRA Smart Annapolis Valley “Internet Speed Test”, to give themselves and i-Valley evidence-based information for growth plans and government funding.

It was an extraordinarily productive and enthusiastic meeting, and we thank everyone for your participation.  We also greatly appreciate the support of our partners, i-Valley, the Valley Regional Enterprise Network, the Municipality of East Hants, and the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Here is a link to a media article about the event: