Tips on Controlling the Rat Population

The Municipality is aware of concerns of increasing rodent populations in East Hants. This is not a problem unique to our community. We are told that heavy snowfalls in recent years protected rodents from natural predators allowing their numbers to increase. As seasonal temperatures begin to rise you will be noticing more rodents than usual.

Rats are attracted to food and they will gravitate towards areas with a steady food source. It is important to not feed them by ensuring your property is as clean of potential food supply as it can be.

Experts have confirmed that a widespread control program would not be feasible because success is so dependent on individual home owners taking appropriate action. We are assured that rat populations go through cycles and their population will decline eventually. Individual property owners can hasten that decline by removing food sources.

The Municipality encourages residents to be aware of the municipal services that can help support them in this endeavor:

For more information, please read the Fact Sheet issued by the Province.