Press Release – The Municipality of East Hants Responds to Questions about RCMP Coverage

(ELMSDALE, NS) August 29, 2017 – In response to recent articles related to police services in East Hants, the Municipality wants to assure its residents that Police protection is available. The RCMP are available to respond to calls. Police officers will always respond to calls within a certain time frame depending on several factors and priorities. Municipalities across Nova Scotia who contract with the RCMP services have access to emergency RCMP service at all times, including East Hants.

Dependent on the need, the service may come from an officer who is stationed in the Enfield or Rawdon Detachment or it may come from an RCMP officer/service from an outside force that happens to be in proximity or who is called in. Resources will come from all over the Province into East Hants to assist as necessary. Similarly the East Hants officers may be called out of East Hants to provide support. This is not unique to East Hants. It is how many contracts with the RCMP works across the country.

While there are times that Officers are not actively patrolling the streets of East Hants, the RCMP have repeatedly assured Council that the level of service provided in East Hants is effective, as supported by crime statistics. Council has, in the past, considered the option of expanding the hours of active patrol. The added cost is expected to be close to $1,000,000 per year. Such an expenditure would increase residential taxes by about 6-8%. To this point the RCMP have not recommended this approach and Council has not seen the need to spend taxpayers’ dollars for a service that is not seen as necessary by policing professionals.

The East Hants cost for RCMP services is based on a per officer calculation of approximately $147,000 per year per officer. East Hants pays for 23 officers plus over $200,000 per year for shared costs.

Police service is addressed by a Police Advisory Committee, including public members who receive quarterly reports from the RCMP and make recommendations to Council. The RCMP also provides advice to the committee which then makes recommendations to Council for final decision.

“Public safety is of utmost concern to Council”, says Warden James Smith, “I am concerned with any impression that we are without appropriate police service when it is needed. Council will continue to monitor the need for additional service and take advice from the RCMP on the topic as usual.”

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