2016 Plan Review Past Engagement & Reports

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Public Information MeetingPlan East Hants

On April 11th-14th, the Municipality held three open houses and a public information meeting to give the opportunity for the Official Community Plan to be formally presented and to receive feedback on the proposed new policies, regulations and zoning. Property owners were contacted with a letter regarding their property if zoning changes were proposed.

Open Houses

East Hants staff held 3 open house events in November 2015 to discuss the proposed policy directions for community planning documents, which were developed based on public feedback. Topic papers discussed at the meetings are available at the bottom of this page.

Voice of Business in East Hants Meeting (Business Consultation)

Our thanks to all the businesses who added their Business Voice to the Planning Review session on January 14, 2015 at the Enfield Fire Station. Staff appreciated the excellent discussion about business growth in East Hants, and our thanks to the East Hants & District Chamber of Commerce who helped host the event.

Plan East Hants Design Workshops

In fall of 2014, the Municipality held eight community-level design workshops about local neighbourhoods in East Hants. This series of Workshops was to discuss the local possibilities in each community and to help build community consensus on what residents would like their neighbourhood to look like 25 years from now. Consultation summary maps are available online.

Visioning Workshops, Visual Preference Survey & Community Goals Survey

In June of 2014, the Municipality held three visioning workshops. This series of Workshops was to discuss the broad vision for the Municipality, as well as to start the discussion about what residents would like their neighbourhood to look like 25 years from now. The Municipality also held a Community Goals Survey, which touched on issues similar to the visioning workshop for those who couldn’t attend the meetings.

The Visual Preference Survey is a tool that allowed citizens to rate the visual appeal of existing and non-existing types of building designs, landscape characteristics, community fabric, architectural styles, signs, growth patterns, etc. The value of the survey is in the range of opinions, shared common ground, and the desires expressed by the residents of East Hants, giving a sense of what they would like to see in their community. The objective of the Visual Preference Survey was to assist in defining a vision for the future development of East Hants.

Summaries of these surveys and meetings can be found in the major reports below.

Major Reports

1 – Scoping Study Work Plan

2 – Community Inventory Report

3 – Visual Preference Survey Results Summary

4 – Community Goals Survey Results Summary

5 – Public Engagement Update & Summary Report (updated Nov 2015)

6 – Objectives & Planning Principles Report

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Topic Papers