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While the office is now open to the public, we are still accepting digital submissions for subdivision plans. Digital subdivision application forms and plans can be sent to and/or Hard copies of the plans (x6) and the relevant fees (application and Land Registry fees) are still required prior to final registration and/or the closing of the file. These documents may be mailed or dropped off to the municipal office, and should be for the attention of Kelly Ash and/or Tippy Scott.

What is a Subdivision?

A subdivision is the division of any area of land into two or more parcels and can include a re-subdivision and/or a consolidation of two or more parcels. There are three types of subdivision plans: preliminary, tentative, and final. The Subdivision Bylaw (P-600) is in effect for the entire municipality, and regulates how land may be subdivided. For information on subdivision fees, please see the Planning & Development Fees page.



  1. The applicant discusses the requirements for subdivision of land with the Development Officer. This is necessary because different areas throughout the  Municipality require different lot sizes and frontages depending on their location and zone.
  2. At the Planning and Development Office, a completed subdivision application is made for subdivision approval along with 14 copies of the surveyed plan of subdivision. This plan is to be prepared by a registered Nova Scotia Land  Surveyor.
  3. Contact the Municipal Department of Infrastructure and Operations to determine whether the lot can be serviced by sewer and/or water. If sewer services are not available, the lot must meet Nova Scotia Environment requirements for installation of an on-site sewage disposal system. You will need to hire a Qualified Person to assess the lot and determine the minimum lot size. That report will need to be submitted to the Provincial Department of Environment for final approval, along with a copy of the proposed plan of subdivision.
  4. Contact the Provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal or the Municipality for driveway access approval (depending on whether the road is provincially or municipally-owned).
  5. The application is sent to other provincial agencies for their approval/comments (ie. Department of Environment, Department of Transportation, Land Registration Office).
  6. Two copies of the plan, the Notice of Subdivision Approval, along with registration fees and documents as required, are sent to the Provincial Registry of Deeds for registration, when the plan meets all municipal requirements.
  7. When the Notice of Approval is returned from the Registry of Deeds, the approved plans are ready to be returned to the applicant.
  8. The length of time required to grant subdivision approval can vary depending on location and approvals required from other department or agencies. Generally, the process takes about four to six weeks.



Large scale subdivision plans involving new roads or phased development require additional submissions, including a concept plan, engineered street and service designs, storm drainage plans, etc. Please contact the Development Officer at 902-883-3387 or for more information.


Departmental Contacts


Nova Scotia Department of Environment (NSE)

30 Damascus Road, Suite 115

Bedford, Nova Scotia  B4A 0C1

902-424-7773 (ph)   902-424-0597 (fax)

*Lot requirements, septic tank and disposal field, on-site sewage disposal application.


Nova Scotia Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR)

4 Ivey Lane

West Hants Ind. Park

Windsor, NS

902-798-2369 (ph)   902-798-2927 (fax)

*Access to provincial roads


Land Registration Office

396 Main Street, P.O. Box 39

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia   B0S 1M0

902-584-7185 (ph)   902-584-7256 (fax)

*Registration of final subdivision approval


Municipal Department of Infrastructure and Operations (I&O)

15 Commerce Court

Elmsdale, Nova Scotia  B2S 3K5


*Access to Municipal Roads

*For Municipal water and sewer connection approval.





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