Private Road Maintenance

The Private Road Maintenance and Improvement Bylaw (F-300) allows the Municipality to add an area rate (charge) to property tax bills, where requested by residents, to enable the maintenance and improvement of their private roads.

Residents of a private road association must request this charge and enter into an agreement with the Municipality.  The Municipality will collect a charge that will appear on tax bill in the following tax year and the funds are forwarded to the resident’s private road association.

The Municipality does not carry out the road maintenance work.


The Bylaw requires that any private road association requesting an agreement with the municipality be registered under the Societies Act with an elected executive.

A petition must be submitted to the Municipality by January 31st, prior to the fiscal year (April 1 to March 31) in which the charges will begin.

Once the Municipality accepts the petition, an agreement will be entered into with the association which will allow the Municipality to begin annually charging an area rate for the maintenance and improvement of private roads within the charge area.

The association would then be required to submit annually a budget for the maintenance and improvement of the road by January 31st.


To request that the Municipality enter into an agreement with your Association, the duly elected executive officers of the Association need to submit a written request (petition) to the Municipality.

The Petition must be accompanied by:

  • A copy of a Special Resolution approved by the Road Association (special resolutions require a 75% majority) indicating that the Association would like to enter into an agreement and indicate the preferred method of charge,
  • An estimated maintenance and improvement budget for the year, which was approved by the Association (a sample budget is here),
  • Proof of the Association’s good standing with the Registry of Joint Stocks,
  • A copy of the Association’s Memorandum of Understanding or Bylaws which clearly states that the object or purpose of the Association is to carry out maintenance and / or improvements to the road(s),
  • A Plan clearly showing the proposed charge area, the lots affected, and the roads in the charge area.


The charge will be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaw and may be calculated based on:

  • The assessment of each lot, being an amount per $100.00 of assessed value of the property,
  • An charge per property, or
  • A charge per dwelling unit.

Where the method of charge is either a charge per property or a charge per dwelling unit, up to three (3) billable charge amounts are permitted for each charge area.

The individual charge amount shall only be based on:

  • Lot frontage,
  • Lot area,
  • Location on the road,
  • Type of occupancy (i.e. Dwelling or Seasonal Dwelling), or
  • Use of the property (i.e. developed lots or undeveloped lots).

For all methods of charge, each property shall only be assigned one charge amount.

Administration Charge

The total amount of the charge collected by the Municipality shall not exceed the estimated annual cost of the roads maintenance and improvements and an administration charge of 5%.

Payment of Charges

A charge payable for road maintenance and improvements shall be due at the same time each year that taxes and rates are due.

Exemption from Charges

Upon request, the Municipality may exempt from a charge any property within a charge area where the property owner does not use the road upon which the charge is being levied and the property abuts and has access to a private or public road not located within the charge area.

Transfer of Funds to the Association

The Municipality will forward half of the requested funds in June and the remaining half in November of each year the agreement is in place.