PLN23-004 25 Burgess Road, Shubenacadie


Craig Langille


To amend the mapping of the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw to redesignate and rezone the property. The application also includes a request to amend the boundary of the Growth Management Area.

Subject Property

The property is located at 25 Burgess Road, Shubenacadie. Around half of the property is zoned High risk Floodplain (HF) Zone. The other half is zoned Rural Use (RU) and a small portion of the RU Zoned area is also zoned Moderate Risk Floodplain (MF) Overlay.

The land is located outside the Shubenacadie Growth Management Area Boundary which is the area whereby municipal piped services are available.

satellite of subject site overview of subject site

There is an existing two-unit residential building located on the property which was constructed in 2019. Despite being outside of the Growth Management Area, this building has municipal piped services due to a historical servicing of a dwelling on the property prior to the existing two-unit residential building.

The property has approximately 47 meters of frontage on Burgess Road and is approximately 0.78 hectares (7800 sq.m) in size.

Along the northern part of the property an easement is provided for access to PID 45214376 and 45095213. The small separately owned property located within the application property has frontage on the easement.


The applicant wants to construct an additional two-unit residential building and is requesting the following amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw:


  • Redesignate the property from Rural Use (RU) to Established Residential Neighbourhood Designation (ER)
  • Rezone from Rural Use (RU) to Two Dwelling Unit Residential (R2).
  • Amendments to the boundary of the Growth Management Area to include the application property – this will extend the serviceable boundary to include the application property.

The applicant plans to subdivide his property to create an additional lot which would enable a new two-unit residential building. The Rural Use Zone permits two-unit residential buildings, however the frontage for a RU lot is 30m minimum. The frontage requirement for a serviced R2 lot is 18m minimum. To enable an R2 lot with an 18m frontage the lot would need to be serviced by municipal water and wastewater. This would require an amendment to the boundary of the Shubenacadie Growth Management Area to include the application property.

Reports & Documents

Initial staff report- May 2023


Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning, 902-883-6122,


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