PLN21-010 White Road, Enfield


Bob Bona


The Municipality has received an application to amend the zoning of two properties located on White Road from established residential neighborhood zone (R1) to two dwelling unit residential neighborhood zone (R2).

The surrounding lots are zoned a mixture of R1 and R2. There are some mixed-use zoned properties located nearby.


The purpose of this application is to enable the property owner to change the zoning to two dwelling unit residential neighborhood zone (R2) that would enable the development of two dwelling units per lot for the purpose of selling the properties.

In the established residential neighborhood zone (R1) where the construction of only single-unit dwelling units are permitted.

No details of the style of dwellings have been submitted. If permitted, the applicant would need to comply with the zone requirements of the two dwelling unit residential neighborhood (R2) zone.

Reports & Documents

Final Staff Report – April 2022


For further information please contact Anushree Banerjee,  Planner, 902.883.3387.