PLN21-007 541 and 543 Highway 2, Elmsdale


Greg Burke


The Municipality has received an application to enable self-storage on a property zoned Mixed Use (MC) Zone.

Subject Property

The property is located at 541 & 543 Highway 2, Elmsdale. The property is designated and zoned Mixed-Use Centre (MC). There are small areas of the property to the rear and side which are zoned High Risk Floodplain (HF) and Moderate Risk Floodplain (MF). The rear property boundary is adjacent to the CN Rail property and this rail line has frequent trains passing by.
The subject property and surrounding properties are designated and zoned Mixed-use Centre (MC).


The purpose of this application is to enable the property owner to construct and operate self- storage units that is currently not permitted as per the Mixed-Use Centre (MC) regulations in the Land-Use Bylaw.

The applicant wishes to construct self-storage buildings on the rear of his property. This change is being considered through an amendment of the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land use Bylaw (LUB) to allow for Highway Commercial (HC) uses, including self-storage, through a development agreement. This change would not only affect the subject property but would enable other properties having a similar depth, with the rear property boundary onto CN Rail line, to apply for a development agreement for Highway Commercial Zone (HC) uses.

The applicant also expressed intent to replace the existing small commercial property at the front of their site with 6 residential and 3 commercial units following the construction of the self-storage units. The land use bylaw regulations will be used to evaluate the mixed use building.

Reports & Documents

Initial Staff Report – October 2021

Proposed Site Plan


For further information please contact Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning, 902.883.3387.