PLN21-006 Highway 14 and Highway 214, Nine Mile River


Troy Matheson, River Country Estates Ltd.


The Municipality has received an application to enter into a development agreement with the municipality to enable the construction of a self-storage facility in Nine Mile River.


The application relates to the property located at the corner of Highway 14 and Highway 214 in Nine Mile River. The subject property is zoned Highway Commercial (HC) and is currently being used to store landscaping fill. The proposed development would involve up to nine self-storage buildings located throughout the site, with a combined footprint of 2,759 sq m.

The gated driveway for the property is proposed to be onto Highway 214, in a similar location to the existing driveway. An emergency exit is proposed onto Highway 14. There will be no parking or office on site, as the proposed development would allow client access through a coded pin-pad gate. The proposal would entail a chain link fence surrounding the property, with a vegetated buffer where the property borders residential properties, and a 1m high berm with trees located along the base where the property borders a public right of way.

Reports & Documents

Amended Site Plan – December 3, 2021

Public Hearing – Final Staff Report – December 2021

Public Hearing – Appendix A Application Plans – December 2021

Public Hearing – Draft DA – December 2021


For further information please contact Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning, 902.883.3387.