PLN21-003 2858 Highway 2, Shubenacadie


Dr. Sheehy


The Municipality has received an application to enable an existing medical practice building in the High Risk Floodplain (HF) Zone to be changed to a single unit dwelling.


The purpose of this application is to enable the property owner to convert the building to a single unit dwelling so that he can sell the property.  He has been unable to attract a physician to continue with the medical practice.

The property is located in the High Risk Floodplain (HF) Zone where no permanent structures are permitted except for public works structures, associated with the provision of piped services, or unless the structure is accessory to the lawfully existing main use of the property.

The existing use and structures are considered non-conforming and were also non-conforming prior to the adoption of the 2016 Land Use Bylaw.  The applicant is requesting a change to the planning policies and land use bylaw regulations to enable him to change the property over from medical centre to residential use.  This change would not only affect his property but would enable others in the High Risk Floodplain (HF) Zone to do the same.  Additional amendments are proposed to the planning policies to enable all property owners in the HF Zone to request Council consider a change in land use for other uses in existing buildings, through a development agreement application.


The property is located 2858 Highway 2, Shubenacadie.  On the property there is an existing single storey building which has been used as a medical practice since 1993.  Prior to the medical practice the building was used as a single unit dwelling.

The property and surrounding properties are located in the High Risk Floodplain (HF) Zone.

Reports & Documents

Initial Staff Report – April 2021

Second Staff Report – July 2021


For further information please contact Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning, 902.883.3387.