PLN20-001 604 Highway 2, Elmsdale


Elmsdale Lumber Company Limited


To amend the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw and to substantially amend an existing development agreement to enable a biochar production facility.


The Municipality received an application from Elmsdale Lumber Company Limited in August 2020. The application proposes to amend the Official Community Plan by changing a portion of PID 45342938 to the Industrial Commercial (IC) Designation and to rezone the same to the Industrial Commercial (IC) Zone. The IC Zone allows Municipal Council to consider substantially amending an existing development agreement for the lumber mill, to allow for a biochar production facility. Biochar, in the context of this application, is charcoal that is produced by pyrolysis* of residual wood.

According to the information provided by Elmsdale Lumber Company Limited, feedstocks for the facility would be supplied by Elmsdale Lumber and other suppliers, thereby complementing the existing lumber mill. The facility is proposed to use European technology utilizing four high temperature pyrolysis reactors and would produce approximately 7,920 tonnes/year of biochar for Canadian and export markets.

*Pyrolysis means the heating of an organic material, such as biomass, in the absence of oxygen.


The subject properties are located in Elmsdale, and are identified as PID 45082773 and PID 45342938. As indicated on the zoning map to the right, the subject properties are split designated Established Residential Neighbourhood (ER) Designation and Industrial Commercial (IC) and split zoned Two Dwelling Unit Residential (R2) and Industrial Commercial (IC). Adjacent property uses and zones include residential zoned lands to the north and south, Village Core (VC) Zone commercial uses across the street, and Highway 102 borders the rear of the subject lands. The Elmsdale District School, zoned Institutional Use (IU) is also adjacent to the subject lands.

The biochar facility is proposed to be located to the north of the existing sawmill use on Elmsdale Lumber Company owned land. Shown on the site plan on the following page is the location of the proposed building, a wood fiber storage area, a truck access area, parking area for employees, and an area for future expansion of the biochar facility. Also shown on the site plan, is the location of an easement in favour of the Municipality for the water transmission line, which is not shown to be impacted by the proposed development.

Reports & Documents

Initial Staff Report – September 2020
Elmsdale Lumber Company Presentation from the Public Information Meeting – December, 2020
Public Information Meeting Recording – December 1, 2020
Second Staff Report – February 2021


For further information please contact Debbie Uloth, Project Planner, 902.883.3387.