PLN20-003 300 Highway 2, Enfield


Dr. Reena Kapadia Dentistry, operating as Enfield Family Dental Centre


The Municipality has received an application to enter into a development agreement with the municipality to enable the construction of a new dental centre building.


The application proposes a new building for the Enfield Dental Centre.  The proposed building has a footprint of 338 Sqm. and is located towards the front of the site onto Highway 2. The dental centre is located on the first floor but has an area of storage of on the second floor area of the building.

The applicant intends to demolish the existing building once the new building has been constructed, and they have moved the dental practice into the new building.


The subject property is located at the corner of Highway 2 and Shamrock Lane in Enfield.  The subject property is zoned Village Core (VC).  The property is also designated as Village Core (VC). Adjacent zones include: Village Core (VC) Zone to both sides and in front of the site; to the rear of the site the land is zoned Townhouse Zone (R2-T), and along Shamrock Lane to the north the land is zoned Single Unit Dwelling (R1) Zone.

The size of the subject property is approximately 2,235 m2 and has frontage onto both Highway 2 and Shamrock Lane. The site has an existing single storey building which is used as the existing dental centre.  A copy of an image from google earth shows the existing building on the property.

Reports & Documents

Initial Staff Report – January 2021
Final Staff Report – May 2021
Site Plan
Rendering (superseded)
Development Agreement – Approved


For further information please contact Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning, 902.883.3387.