Approval Notice – Tiny Homes on Wheels

TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Municipality of East Hants has approved amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to permit tiny homes on wheels in the Rural Use (RU) Zone and Agricultural Reserve (AR) Zone as the main dwelling or an accessory dwelling unit if they are CSA approved for four-season use or certified by a Professional Engineer.

Said amendments were given second reading and adopted by Municipal Council at a Public Hearing held June  26, 2019 in the Lloyd E. Matheson Centre, Elmsdale.

Any aggrieved person, the Provincial Director of Planning or Council of an adjoining Municipality may, within 14 days of publication of this notice, appeal Council’s decision to the Nova Scotia Utility & Review Board in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.

Copies of the Land Use Bylaw amendments may be inspected at the Lloyd E. Matheson Centre, 15 Commerce Court, Elmsdale.

Dated at Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, this 17th day of  July, 2019.

John Woodford
Director of Planning & Development



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