Development Control

The Development Control division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Municipality’s Land Use By-law (zoning regulations). This is primarily done through permits. The Department also manages the Subdivision of Property.

Whenever a building changes use, for example from a jewelry store to a restaurant, a development permit is required to ensure the Municipal Bylaw is being met.

Development permits are administered in concert with Building Permits & Inspections to ensure buildings are being constructed in a safe manner. Accessory structures such as garages, signs and pools also require permits.

All special events must meet the Municipal By-Laws and events with more than 1,000 people in attendance also require a Temporary Event Permit.



Sign regulations under the Land Use Bylaw apply to all new and existing signs. To erect, place, alter, expand, relocate, or replace any sign, the sign regulations must be met,… Full story

2016 Official Community Plan

Download PDFs of the 2016 Official Community Plan documents below.  The Land Use Bylaw, Subdivision Bylaw and Municipal Planning Strategy took effect on September 21, 2016. If you have questions regarding the… Full story


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Private Road Maintenance

The Private Road Maintenance and Improvement Bylaw (F-300) allows the Municipality to add an area rate (charge) to property tax bills, where requested by residents, to enable the maintenance and improvement of… Full story

Special Events

Many special events are held throughout the Municipality of East Hants every year. Community groups and volunteers who organize these events greatly enrich our quality of life. East Hants Council… Full story

Swimming Pools

The Municipality of East Hants has no regulations requiring fencing around swimming pools. Within the un-zoned area of the Municipality a Development Permit is not required for a swimming pool. … Full story

Fire Inspection

According to the Fire Safety Act of Nova Scotia, municipalities are required to carry out inspections on the following: Assembly occupancies – churches, community halls, licensed establishments, restaurants, theatres, arenas, gyms,… Full story