WM Fares Architects on behalf of Leno Ribahi – Application Summary




WM Fares Architects on behalf of Leno Ribahi



A mixed-use (commercial and multi-unit residential) development including a 4-storey and 6-storey building.



The subject property is located at PID# 45085248, Highway 214, Elmsdale.  The property is adjacent to and to the south of property located at 441 Highway 214, Elmsdale.  The subject property and also surrounding properties are zoned Regional Commercial (RC).  The aerial photograph and also zoning map shows the location of the property.

The 4-storey building faces Highway 214 and includes commercial at the grade level with residential above.  This building will have 24 residential units and 790 sq.m (8,500 sq.ft) of commercial floor area.  The 6-storey building faces Nine Mile River and is set back over 82.3 metres from the main road.  This second building is a multi-unit residential building with 70 residential units and includes one level of underground parking.




Contact: For further information please contact Rachel Gilbert, Project Planner 902.883.3387 ext. 122.

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