Planning Applications

The information listed below is intended to provide more detailed information on selected current land use applications requiring discretionary approval. Not all active applications are listed. Applications not listed may include certain Land Use Bylaw amendments or Development Agreement applications.

For more information, please contact the Planning & Development Department at 902-883-3387 or


Housekeeping Amendments

Final Staff Report, Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw Housekeeping Amendments – 2059 Highway 2, Milford


3265722 Nova Scotia Limited

Supplemental Staff Report Concorde Way September 2018
Initial Staff Report 3265722 Nova Scotia Limited Feb2018
3265722 Nova Scotia Limited Draft Amending Development Agreement September


Shaw Group Ltd.

Shaw Group Ltd.  –  Application Summary

Shaw Group Ltd. – Public Information Meeting Presentation


Mitch Frail

Notice of Public Information Meeting – Official Community Plan Amendments and Development Agreement

Public Information Meeting – Presentation


Armco Capital Inc.

Armco Capital Inc. – Application Summary