The Shaw Ltd. Proposal Information

Applicant: The Shaw Group Limited

Request: Development Agreement application to enable a mixed use Master Plan development including residential, commercial and open space.

Community: Lantz

Proposal: The Municipality of East Hants has received an application from The Shaw Group Ltd.  The application is for a Master Plan development for two properties on Highway 2, Lantz.  The mixture of uses proposed includes a mixture of low, medium and high density residential development; garden homes suites; mixed use; highway commercial; village square; and open space.

Details: The application relates to two properties (PID# 45086931and PID# 45282167) in Lantz owned by the applicant.  An excerpt of the zoning map to the right shows the location of the two properties. Both sites are zoned Walkable Comprehensive Development District (WCDD).  The smaller property, which is located between the Sportsplex and the school property, is approximately 1.9 hectares (4.69 acres) and the large property is approximately 98 hectares (242.5 acres), with a combined total of approximately 100 hectares (246.7 acres) in size.  A portion of the larger site is the subject of a separate development agreement application for 36 residential units which has received approval from Council.

Staff estimate, based on the information provided by the applicant, that around 1,450 dwelling units are proposed but these numbers are estimates and the applicant is looking for flexibility based on market demand changes.

The purpose of the application is to permit a mixed use development through a Development Agreement.  Development within a WCDD Zone is permitted only by Development Agreement.

Staff will make a recommendation to PAC to approve or refuse the application in their final staff report.

For further information, please contact Rachel Gilbert, Manager of Planning, 902.883.3387 ext. 122,


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