Programs and Activities

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Department provides programs, events, opportunities and resources to all residents, and community groups within the Municipality of East Hants.

East Hants Swimming Pool

The Pool offers all levels of swim and leadership classes, recreational and family swims, aquatic fitness and lane swims. Full story

Summer Camps

Summer Camps in East Hants   East Hants Summer Camps focus on physical activity and friendship in an active, safe and supervised environment.   Watch for 2019 Summer Program Schedule in the… Full story

Equipment Loan

Recreation Equipment kits are supplied with pieces of sport and leisure equipment for the purpose of creating a more physically active community! Equipment is available for those in the East Hants area.… Full story

Youth After School Program

Colchester East Hants After School Program Physical Activity After-school program for youth!  Activities take place indoors and outdoors. Ages 10-14 Schools: Uniacke District School Riverside Education Centre Hants North Rural… Full story