Water Utility Bill Changes

Customers of the East Hants Water Utility may notice that their water utility bill looks slightly different than previous bills. As a result of recent meter upgrades, new meters now measure water consumption in cubic metres not gallons. The current bill reflects this change.

This bill also incorporates new water rates set by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. Effective April 1, 2019, the new consumption rate is $2.71 (an increase from $2.64) per cubic metre.

Water usage for this billing cycle has been pro-rated based on the date of your previous meter reading. This change may result in additional line items on the water bill. Any water usage before April 1 is billed using the previous rate. Usage from April 1 onward is billed using the new rate.

For more information on water rate changes, please visit easthants.ca/water-rates or call 902-883-2299 to speak to our Utility/Accounts Receivable Clerk.

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