Enfield Water Transmission Main

The Municipality of East Hants is overseeing two projects to install water transmission mains which will service the communities of Enfield, Elmsdale and Lantz.


The Enfield Water Transmission Main


The project will involve the construction of approximately 4.25 kilometres of water pipe, the majority of which will be installed in Enfield, with a small section being installed in Elmsdale. This water main was recommended in an Infrastructure Capacity study completed in 1998 and will serve all customers of the East Hants Water Utility in Enfield, Elmsdale and Lantz.

The water main will connect the Enfield water treatment plant to the existing main in West Court and will secure the long term supply of drinking water, while supporting growth in the Municipality by providing a stable water supply for fire protection for both residents and businesses in East Hants. This main will also improve the quality of the drinking water by helping to reduce the accumulation of minerals.



A contract for the construction of this water main was awarded to Atlantic Road Construction and Paving Limited (ARCP) on July 20. Work is due to start the week of August 14th 2017 (weather permitting) and is expected to last for approximately 16 weeks.  It is ARCP’s intention to start work on Old Enfield Road next to the Enfield Legion and then move on to Area 1. Regular updates will be posted on the order of work and the contractor’s location.

A large part of the construction will take place behind properties backing onto Highway 102, however the work will likely cause some disruption in the following areas:-

  • Behind the Enfield Home Hardware.
  • Crossing under Old Horne Settlement Road.
  • The Enfield Legion parking lot and crossing under Old Enfield Road.
  • Boyd Avenue, Heather Lane and Carriage Lane.
  • Connecting to the existing main in West Court.

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It will be necessary to close some roads during the construction of the main, but the contractor will be taking every precaution to minimize disruption to residents and businesses.


Wetland Alterations

Part of this project requires the Municipality to construct the water main through areas designated as wetland by Nova Scotia Environment (NSE). In order to obtain permission to construct the water main through wetlands, the Municipality had to obtain an ‘Approval for Construction’ permit from NSE.


To obtain this approval, the Municipality engaged a wetland specialist to assess the wetlands through which the project would pass and based upon this information, the Municipality applied to alter the wetlands and was given permission by NSE. As part of this approval, the Municipality must ensure that twice the amount of wetland that is disturbed by the construction is created elsewhere.


This project will result in the alteration of 0.39 hectares/3,863m2 of wetland habitat and the Municipality will employ a wetland restoration specialist to compensate for this loss by creating 0.78 hectares/7,726m2 of new wetland habitat.


If you wish to discuss how the work will impact you, or you have any questions relating to the construction please contact the Project Engineer, Derek Normanton by email or call on 902 883 7098 ext. 252.


The Municipality thanks you for your patience and understanding during this critical work to the East Hants water supply.