Solid Waste Regulations, Bylaws & Compliance

Since 1996, Nova Scotians have worked towards reducing our waste going to landfill by 50%.  This goal was spearheaded by changes to the Nova Scotia Environment Act, including the creation of the Nova Scotia Disposal Bans. With the introduction of the provincial bans, municipalities changed their services from simply picking up garbage to providing curbside collection of recyclables and organic wastes, and today, these services continued to evolve.

The following information will provide you with the regulations, bylaws, and compliance efforts East Hants staff use to continually improve our community efforts in reducing waste and protecting our environment.

Nova Scotia Environment – Regulations

Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Bylaw

Efforts on Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is an issue across Nova Scotia.  Regardless of why the dumping occurs the issue remains the same – protection of the environment and removing the unsightly and potentially dangerous materials.  The Solid Waste Division has a Waste Compliance Officer who is responsible for investigating and coordinating the clean-ups of these sites.  If you have information on the location of an illegal dump please call the Solid Waste Hotline at 1-888-873-3332 to report it.  Please do not disturb the material for both your safety and to ensure staff can conduct a thorough investigation.

Residential Compliance Promotion

The Waste Compliance Officer responds to complaints ranging from uncollected residential materials (new torn open or abandoned) to random collection route audits ensuring compliance of both the provincial regulations and municipal bylaw.  Data collected is used to assist our education programming and service reviews.

Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Compliance Promotion

The requirements of businesses is no different to those of our residents.  The Waste Compliance Officer assists businesses in targeting their internal staff’s training around solid waste to then communicate to the customers they service (example: quick service restaurants).  Waste audits are conducted at the business location and at the East Hants Waste Management Centre as a method to measure compliance and find areas that require attention.