Less is the New More!

A long weekend is a great time to sort through clutter.  Before you start to throw things out, here are some great tips and handy reminders.


✓ When in doubt, check out our  Our What Goes Where? tool which can answer your sorting questions!


✓ Handle each material ONCE. Make the decision:

  1.   Do I want to KEEP it?
  2.   Can I DONATE it?
  3.   Could I SELL it?
  4.   Can it be RECYCLED?
  5.   Does this go out with GARBAGE?


✓ Understand your bi-weekly curbside collection limits and use them to your advantage!


✓ Hire only licensed and reputable companies if you need material taken to the Waste Management Centre. Ask for a copy of the weigh ticket so you know your material arrived where it should—and not illegally dumped.


✓ Material taken to the Waste Management Centre by residents directly still need to be:

  1.   Weighed in and out at the Scale House,
  2.   Have materials separated properly, and
  3.   Be secured with tie-downs and tarps to ensure everything makes the trip


✓ Residential household hazardous waste can be delivered to the Waste Management Centre, Monday to Saturday year-round. If the Centre is too far to travel, you can drop-off at the mobile community events; Household Hazardous Waste and Paper Shred Event.


✓ Managing private paper documents can include using a shredder and then placing the material in a recycling bag for curbside collection. If you have a lot of  documents to be shredded come to the mobile community paper shred events;  Household Hazardous Waste and Paper Shred Event. Free, fast and secure!


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