Keep Collectors Safe from Sharp Objects

Have something sharp you need to throw out?  Dispose of it safely.

  1. Place glass in a cardboard box, mark the box ‘Broken Glass’ and place beside your garbage.
  2. Put used needles or syringes in a safe sharps container. Containers can be picked-up and dropped off at any pharmacy in Nova Scotia. NEVER put used needles or syringes in your garbage or recycling.
  3. Remove nails and screws from wood and wrap ceramic tiles in newspaper or cardboard before placing it in your garbage. Large amounts of construction material should be taken directly to the Waste Management Centre.

Improperly packaged broken glass in garbage bags can cause serious harm to those providing us curbside collection services.  Let’s all do our part to help everyone go home safe at the end of the work day.

Don’t know where to throw something out?

Check out our “What Goes Where?” tool.

Solid Waste Hotline 1-888-873-3332


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