Green Cart Care

Ensuring your green organics cart stays in good condition during the heat of summer through to the frozen conditions of winter can seem like a tricky task. Here are some tips to keep pests, odours and frozen carts to a minimum all year long.

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General Care

  • Line It:  Line the bottom of the green bin with newspaper, cardboard or yard waste each time your cart is emptied.
  • Layer It:  Alternate layers of kitchen food scraps with yard waste (ex. leaves, grass) or newspaper to keep the cart dry. Wrapping food scraps like meat, fish and poultry in newspaper helps to limit exposure and interest from pests.
  • Set It Out:  Always set the cart out for collection as scheduled, even when it’s not full.
  • Rinse It:   Rinse your green cart after collection (if you can) with mild detergent or a vinegar/water solution, then sprinkle with a small amount of baking soda.
  • Store It Right:  If your green cart is stored outdoors, choose a ventilated and shady area that is convenient for use.


Winter Care

With cold weather comes green carts that can’t be fully emptied due to frozen contents. Try some of our tips to keep your contents loose for tipping.

  • Keep your cart in a sunny location
  • Line the bottom of your cart with newspaper or cardboard
  • Use paper yard waste bags to line your cart
  • Alternate layers of wet food with crumpled newspaper
  • Place your cart curbside for every collection


Green Cart Liner Options

Lining your green cart can help to keep it clean by absorbing liquids and by preventing food from sticking to the bottom. Here’s what you can and can’t use in East Hants:


  • Newspaper
  • Other paper bags
  • Paper liner bags


  • Plastic bags, even those labelled as “Compostable” or “Biodegradable,” are not accepted.



NEW Kitty Litter is now accepted in green carts!

Whatever the weather, keep these items out of your cart;

  • No plastics or metal
  • No ashes, hot or cold, are accepted in green carts
  • No dog feces
  • No fast food cups


Need to request a new green cart? (new home or broken cart) call the
Solid Waste Hotline at 1-888-873-3332.


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