Commercial Collection

Business Limits

The Municipality of East Hants provides limited curbside collection to our businesses. Service is provided via the residential collection route. If your business would benefit from this service, the following outline our collection limits and notes:

  • 10 bags of garbage
  • 16 bags/bundles of recyclables
  • 2 green carts collected


  • 1 bundle of cardboard = 1 bag of recyclables
  • 1 bundle of cardboard = 2 ft x 3 ft x 1 ft
  • Garbage & Recycling bags
    • maximum weight = 55 lbs
    • maximum bag size = 1 meter long when empty (about 3 ft)
  • Materials are collected using various vehicles, therefore not all material will be picked up at the same time.  If you have materials still curbside at 6 pm on your collection day please call the Solid Waste Hotline 1-888-873-3332 and leave your name, number, and brief message and staff will follow-up with you the next business day.
  • Material must be curbside for collection by 7:00 a.m.
  • Loose garbage in collection boxes will not be collected
  • Unsorted waste will not be collected
  • To report a lost or damaged organics (green) cart call the Solid Waste Hotline at 1-888-873-3332.

Businesses are not required to use all services to participate. For example, your business may only need organics (green) cart collection.


Keep Collectors Safe from Sharp Objects – find out more here.



Request a Waste Audit for your business


To find your collection day, enter your civic address in the “My Schedule” tool below. This tool will also allow you to set up reminders by email, text, twitter or even get a phone call.


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