Winter Snow Clearing Reminders

It’s that time of year again, time to start thinking about snow… and snow clearing!


To address safety issues that may arise during and after winter storm events, the Municipality wants to remind residents to please:

  • Avoid pushing large volumes of snow into ditches as it can turn into ice and block culverts.
  • Don’t push snow from your private property onto public streets and sidewalks. It is challenging to keep those public spaces clear and open during heavy weather conditions and additional snow doesn’t help.
  • No parking on public roads where it could obstruct snow removal or other winter maintenance efforts.

If you would like more information about our efforts to keep roads and sidewalks clear and safe in winter, please refer to ‘Bylaw IO-100 Winter Road & Sidewalk Snow Clearing & Maintenance.’


Who Clears My Road?

Every year, the Municipality and the Province of Nova Scotia work together to divide road winter maintenance responsibilities as efficiently as possible. You can find out which roads the Municipality is responsible for clearing  under ‘2019-20 Street List of Snow Cleared by Municipal Contractors.’


Winter Clearing Standards for Roads & Sidewalks

For this winter season, the Municipality has updated our snow clearing standards for both roads and sidewalks. We reviewed best practices in other communities and determined what standards to put in place that deliver the best safety and value for East Hants. Full details of this policy can also be found under ‘East Hants Policy for Winter Clearing Standard for Roads & Sidewalks.’

If you have comments or concerns about snow clearing or vehicles parking on the road during and after a snow event, please email

Here’s to a safe and happy winter!