Aquatic Centre Fees

There have been many comments on social media over the last number of days about the fees and rates for the East Hants Aquatic Centre. We appreciate that we have such an engaged community and want to ensure you have appropriate answers to your questions, specifically around how we have determined the rates and fees.

First off, Council is dedicated to making the aquatic centre accessible to all residents. Our staff and Council will be working together to determine policies and programs that remove barriers, including financial ones, to using the aquatic centre. These will be introduced as we operationalize the new aquatic centre.

Why did we need a new pool?

As part of community consultation around the Municipality’s Recreation Services Master Plan, our residents were very clear that they wanted a pool that was modern, in a central location and a place to gather for people of all abilities.

While we have an affinity for the Milford Pool, keeping it operational and accessible to every ability was not possible. Council looked at options to renovate and revitalize the Milford pool, none of which were feasible. The Milford pool has been put up for sale and we are negotiating with a potential buyer now.

The new aquatic centre will enable the Municipality to offer additional programming, not only in the water, but in the Community Room too. There are multiple tanks that will offer recreation and programming beyond anything the Milford pool could ever had hoped to offer.

Council has not included other recreation services that would be in direct competition with existing facilities in our community.

How did we determine the rates for the new aquatic centre?

Staff did a jurisdictional scan of other facilities in the region and compared services and prices. We recognized that in some facilities, users have more options than just aquatics.

The primary operating cost for any of these facilities is the aquatic function. The East Hants Aquatic Centre will have similar aquatic amenities as these other facilities, including:

  • Leisure pool with spray features and ramp access
  • A lazy river resistance moving-water pool
  • Fully accessible hot pool with a capacity of 19 people
  • Waterslide
  • Climbing wall in the pool
  • Outdoor splash park

To ensure our users have more access to the facility than they had at the Milford Pool, operational and staffing requirements will increase with the aquatic centre. Establishing fees that provide value for the user, while helping to offset the cost of operations, was done keeping in mind affordability and accessibility. There are a number of different ways a user can pay to use the facility, depending on their number of visits.

Do I need an Annual Pass?

Buying an annual pass is not for everyone. We recognize that some users of the aquatic centre will be occasional. However, there are others who would use the facility regularly and for them, it makes sense to purchase a pass.

Here is a breakdown of the cost per visit if you purchased an annual pass, paid in full.

Pass Type Annual -12 Month Paid in Full One visit per week (price per visit) 3 visits per week (price per visit) 5 visits per week (price per visit)
Adult $559.13 $10.75 $3.58 $2.15
Youth/Senior/Student $391.30 $7.50 $2.51 $1.50
Household $850.43 $16.35 $5.45 $3.27
User Day Pass 10 Punch Pass (Buy 9 passes get 1 free)
Adult $7.83 $70.43
Youth/Senior/Student $5.22 $46.98
Household $15.65 $140.87

Options for an annual pass paid monthly as well as a one month and three month pass are also available.

When will the Aquatic Centre Open?

The aquatic centre will open in early 2020 and we are planning special events to welcome everyone to the new facility.


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