Amendment to the Maitland Heritage Conservation District Boundary

In October 2018, Council approved amendments to the Maitland Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Plan and Bylaw. Bylaw P1100 came into effect on February 27, 2019. In October of 2018, the Municipality received a letter from a property owner in the District requesting that their property be removed. First reading had already been given to the Plan and Bylaw at that point and therefore the property could not be removed before final approval by Council. To enable the removal of the property from the HCD boundary, an amendment is needed to the current adopted boundary and this requires approval by Council at a Public Hearing. The Public Hearing has not yet been scheduled but the details will be published on this page once the date is scheduled.

The property is located at 8803 Hwy 215, Maitland. The map identifies the location of the property which is proposed to be removed from the boundary of the Heritage Conservation District.

If you have any comments about the proposed amendment, please contact Rachel Gilbert, Heritage Coordinator at or call 902-883-7098 x122.