2020/2021 Budget Highlights

The 2020/2021 Operating, Capital and Water Utility budgets were approved by Council on February 26, 2020.

These budgets are focused on the delivery of core municipal services for residents and businesses and contain investments for the future to ensure the Municipality can respond to the needs of our growing region. The budgets closely align with Council’s strategic plan.

The Municipality’s Operating Budget for 2020/2021 is $33.1 million.

2020/2021 Budget Documents

There are a number of documents and presentations that make up the detailed budget information package. To get started, review these resources:

  1. Municipal Budget 101 – how the municipal budget determines spending priorities and service delivery for residents.
  2. Business Plans – how the budget connects to our strategic plan.
  3. Operating budget
  4. Capital Budget
  5. Water Utility Budget

For more information about the municipal budgets, visit our Municipal Budget page.


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