Emergency Management: Flooding

The role of the Municipality of East Hants in Emergency Management is to prepare for, respond to, mitigate and recover from significant natural and human disaster events.

In the situation of a major flooding incident of the Shubenacadie River, residents should call 911 if stranded and in need of help for immediate survival.  The Municipality will support first responders in this situation through appropriate action such as: establishment of a coordination centre, the opening of comfort centres/shelters and obtaining necessary resources.

The Municipality also works to provide information to property owners to enable better decision making with respect to their own properties.  In planned areas within the municipality, there is established zoning which restricts development within the designated flood zone.  This applies to building applications for new development and does not apply to buildings constructed before regulation was put in place.

The ultimate fiscal responsibility of flooding impacts on personal property is with the property owner.  It is important for every property owner to research the historic impacts of flooding near their own property and find ways to mitigate those risks.  That can be done through insurance policies, increasing the elevation of their property, or the establishment of protective barriers such as dykes.

There are some circumstances where the Municipality would facilitate mitigation work on stormwater related infrastructure or partially fund it.  This is described in the Municipal Storm Drainage Policy that was established in 2007.


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