Strategic Plan

Building a Vibrant Municipality


Purpose of the Plan

The Strategic Plan is Council’s leadership roadmap for the Municipality of East Hants. It identifies what Council wants to achieve for the community; what our community will be like. It also makes provision for how we are going to get there. This document guides all other Municipal initiatives to ensure the Municipality is moving closer to achieving its mission.

2015/2016 Strategic Plan Achievements


The Strategic Plan contains Council’s vision and mission statement along with seven key strategies to be pursued. These key strategies include: Infrastructure Sustainability, Governance, Communication and Engagement, Community Planning and development, Transportation, Sustainability and Economic Development.

Within each of these Key Strategies, Council identifies goals to be achieved. Based on stated goals, staff place a draft operational and capital budget in front of Council each year. Council adopts a version of the budget which outlines initiatives that will assist to achieve these goals.

The Strategy deals with “how” we will achieve Municipal goals by outlining Organizational Values which direct the way staff and Council make decisions and Core Values which outlines the values that the organization lives, breathes and reflects in all activities. This is what defines the stakeholder experience as it deals with the Municipality.


The Strategic Plan was adopted by Council on June 26, 2013. The Plan’s vision is consistent with previous Strategic Plans but the mission and remaining parts of the Plan have changed.

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