Socio-Economic Study

We are pleased to release the most recent edition of the Municipality of East Hants 2016 Socio-Economic Study. This study is a collection of data based on the 2016 Census and focuses on the entire East Hants region.

The Municipality uses the data in the Socio-Economic Study to inform decision-making around issues such as land use, infrastructure and recreation programming. This data is also useful to other levels of government, residents, the business community (including current and future entrepreneurs), developers and more.

Highlights of this year’s Socio-Economic Study include:

The 2016 Census reported a population of 23,542 for East Hants (including Indian Brook 14) with 3,915 people under 15 years or age, and 3,450 over the age of 65, making East Hants the only Municipality with more children than seniors.

The median (midpoint) household income for East Hants residents was $12,134 higher than the provincial median in 2015, and only 12.9% were considered to be in the low income category compared to 17.2% of Nova Scotians overall.

52% of East Hants residents have attained some level of post-secondary education, with college diplomas being the most prominent. 23.1% of those employed work in trades, transport and equipment related positions, and 69.5% commute outside of East Hants for work.

Residential development makes up the vast majority (86%) of all development activity in East Hants, followed by commercial (10%), agriculture (3%), and institutional (1%).


For more information on the 2016 Socio-Economic Study, please contact the Planning and Development Department at or 902.883.3387.


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