Shubenacadie Source Water Protection Plan

The Shubenacadie Water Treatment Plant, commissioned in 2012, provides water to approximately 715 residents and the commercial core of Shubenacadie.


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Water is supplied by two (2) non-GUDI production wells.


There are three (3) Wellhead travel time areas. The time of travel is based on the time for a groundwater contaminant to reach the production wells at the Shubenacadie Water Treatment Plant.  Zone 1: 0-2 year travel time, Zone 2: 2-5 year travel time and Zone 3: 5-25 year travel time. These areas are the focus of our Source Water Protection Plan.


The two-year and five-year time of travel zones represent the areas of greatest concern for protection from biological and chemical contaminants. The well recharge zone represents the entire land area contributing to the aquifer relative to the wellhead location.