East Hants Source Water Protection Plans

A source water protection plan is an approach to water resource protection. The goal of a Plan is to protect the source water supply area while considering the social and economic factors relevant to that area. Concepts of source water management planning include: acquisition of land, bylaws, best management practices, contingency planning and designation.

Reference: “Developing a Municipal Source Water Protection Plan: A Guide for Water Utilities and Municipalities Step 4 – Develop a Source Water Protection Management Plan, NSE”.

Regional Source Water Protection Plan

In 2007, the Municipality of East Hants implemented a plan, in accordance with Nova Scotia Environment requirements, to protect water quality in the 38,265 hectare Grand Lake watershed. This plan… Full story

Shubenacadie Source Water Protection Plan

The Shubenacadie Water Treatment Plant, commissioned in 2012, provides water to approximately 715 residents and the commercial core of Shubenacadie.   Water is supplied by two (2) non-GUDI production wells.  … Full story