Rural Economic Development Assistance Fund

To be considered for assistance under this fund, a project must be considered to enhance the economic viability of the community, create employment, and be consistent with the East Hants Economic Development Plan and the Rural Economic Development Strategy.  The project must demonstrate a leveraging of the use of Municipal funds, from other levels of Government and from the community.  The funding is available for capital construction projects only and not operating costs.  Projects cannot be the recipient of other Municipal money through other grant programs.

Funding is available for approved projects up to 25% of the total project costs, not to exceed $100,000 for any given project.  The amount awarded to any project may not be available in one fiscal period, and may be spread over a period not to exceed three years.  Awards are subject to funds being available.

To apply, please contact Sheralee Mitchell-MacEwan at 902-883-7098 Ext 217.