Emergency Management Operations

Each year the Municipality of East Hants offers a grant to organizations that support the Municipality’s Emergency Management Operations, such as grants to fund the purchase or upgrading of generators for community facilities, a grant to the Special Hazards Response Unit, and a grant to Ground Search and Rescue.

To be eligible for a grant under this policy you must be a Fire Department registered with the Municipality of East Hants and registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia, or a Community Hall or similar facility registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. Eligible projects are wiring for capacity to be hooked up to a generator, acquisition of a generator of a suitable size to offer basic services to the facilities, and funding for major repairs to generators.  Funding from the Municipality requires a written request accompanied by a cost estimate of the work required.

All requests for funding should be made in advance, where possible, of any work being started or any expenses being incurred and must include:

  1. A copy of the emergency response plan or a written commitment to develop a plan in cooperation with the Emergency Measures Coordinator.
  2. List of key contacts for the organization.
  3. Financial statement for last fiscal year.
  4. Budget for the current fiscal year.
  5. Budget for the work to be undertaken and/or the equipment to be acquired along with quotations.

View the complete policy (pdf)

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