District 9, Divisions 1-3


District 9 Electoral Map

Division 9-1:  Division 9-1 begins at 81/83 highway 1 Mount Uniacke and heads west to Etter road, and includes Havill’s Valley Gate Park in South Uniacke (Davis Dr, Shirley Ave, Sue Ann Ave, Michael Ave, Nathaniel Ave, Owen Ave, Christopher Ave, and Bruce Street. – All may be addressed off Davis Dr).  All Other roads include: Etter Rd (civic 37-207), South Rawdon (civic 7-235), and Withrow Ln.

Divisions 9-2:  Division 9-2 is centered primarily along East Uniacke Rd in the community of East Uniacke.  Roads include:  Kingswood Dr, International Dr, Sunrise Ln, Rileys Crt, Moore Rd, Charles Dr, McKenzie Ln, Powell Dr, Beamish Rd, and Tanglewood Dr.  Partial roads consist of Etter Rd (civic 211-317), and East Uniacke Rd (civic 11-468).

Division 9-3:  Division 9-3 continues along East Uniacke Rd to Long Lake Rd.  It is comprised of residential/seasonal subdivisions in and around Lewis Lake, Salvage Lake, Moore Lake; as well as, cottage country around Long Lake in East Uniacke. Roads include:  Lakefield Dr, Cove Rd, Johnson Rd, Woodland Park, Lakecrest Dr, Jorphie Dr, Hilltop Ln, Nature Dr, Village Dr, Heritage Way, Quartz Crt, Angels Way, and Long Lake Rd.  Partial roads include: East Uniacke Rd (civic 503-1071).


There is no election in this district. Both council and CSAP candidates are acclaimed.


Elie Moussa – acclaimed
Phone: 902-403-4588
Email: elienmoussa@hotmail.com
Facebook: Elie Moussa

Alfred M. Benoit – acclaimed


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